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jason frechette

Jason grew up in a small town in New Hampshire off an old dirt road.  Surrounded by woods and the wilderness from the get-go, Jason has always been an avid outdoorsman with a true appreciation for nature and all that it has to offer.  His father, who worked for the United States Government, introduced Jason to guns, gun safety, and shooting at a very young age.  Shooting was always a hobby of Jason’s and only later in life would it evolve into a greater passion for hunting.

Jason has held many jobs throughout his lifetime, from physical labor to 8 to 5 desk jobs.  Jason has experienced both failures and successes in the workplace but there was always something missing.  There was a desire to be outdoors, to be exploring, to be experiencing, and to be living in adventure.  Although it didn’t come to him until later in life, hunting was that missing piece and ended up being a true calling for Jason.  He became interested in hunting after watching a documentary on feral pig hunting down south.  Not long after viewing that documentary, he would shoot his first wild boar in Southern Florida with his bow.

Jason is now an avid archer, hunter, and outdoor adventurer.  Although guns remain a great interest of Jason’s, archery shooting and hunting is where his true passion lies.  Jason enjoys the pursuit of hunting big game, wild boar, alligator, hunting with dogs, trapping, fishing, as well as a general love for the wilderness. 

Jason is married with a 3 year old boy (Vice President of Wilderness Freaks) and a 1 year old girl with another baby girl on the way.  Wilderness Freaks was developed not only to become a bad-ass hunting apparel  and products company, but also to represent a lifestyle.  Jason’s new job as Wilderness Freaks creator and owner is also his new way of life.  Hunting and being outdoors is where his heart and soul belong and you will see that in his products.   Jason hopes to inspire others to do what they love and live their dreams.  He is excited to launch the Wilderness Freaks website and is confident that his hunting Freak Family will share his enthusiasm and love his products and design as much as he does.        

Our Mission

Wilderness Freaks foremost mission is to provide a community for hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure enthusiasts.  Wilderness Freaks aims to provide affordable unique hunting and outdoor apparel and products with customer satisfaction being our first priority.  Our goal is to make the best hunting apparel and products by focusing on performance, quality, style, and comfort. Wilderness Freaks also intends to bring outdoorsmen and women together for special Wilderness Freaks hunting/fishing trips and excursions. Our mission goes beyond delivering high-quality and stylish clothing and products but to spread the power of adventure. We hope to connect people by evolving our fans, followers, and friends into a community of people with similar interests. Finally, Wilderness Freaks aims to inspire people to love, enjoy, respect, and appreciate the wilderness that surrounds us.  

Raccoon Hunt Giveaway!

Starting April 1st, new and returning customers will be entered to win a 2-night Raccoon Hunt with Ripley’s Guide Service and Kennels the third weekend of October. If the winners have their own Coon Hounds, they are welcome to bring them.


“We have been testing a new scent product from wilderness freaks and it's looking like it's going to be a winner. It really holds up well to the weather, and after a week of rain, the bears are still finding spike baits!

Erik S. 

Great guys, with a great product. The Anise is gonna draw the raccoons in like crazy!!!!!!! Thanks!

Bob @Nor'Easter Lights

Great clothing with outstanding service. Will definitely be buying from them again.

Alan R.

Great gear! Great folks to deal with! AWESOME GRAPHICS!

Niilo W.

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