Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Gun

 Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Gun

Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Gun

Many people today are interested in carrying a concealed weapon. However, choosing the right gun can be a challenge. There are multiple options to choose from and many people have a personal favorite. However, if you are trying to figure out which weapon is going to keep you and your loved ones safe in a public place, these are some of the best options.

Remember that when choosing a concealed carry weapon there are three things that you must consider: it has to be a gun you can wear every day, it has to 100% reliable, and it has to have the ability to shoot accurately and provide adequate protection.

Introduction to Personal Protection

Gun experts agree that having a gun that can shoot only one time is a poor idea for a concealed weapon. One shot equaling one kill is unusual and stopping power is most often determined by the relative size of the bullet. A larger bullet obviously means that you’ll be able to stop the attacker quickly.

Also, unless you have received special training, you will probably be aiming for the largest mass, the torso of the body which means that you may have to fire several shots. Experts recommend that the bullet be no smaller than a 9mm for a concealed carry weapons. This means that you probably aren’t going to be able to wear a gun that would be very small and very comfortable.

If you have had specialized training in guns and weapons, then the .40 Smith & Wesson bullet is probably the right choice. This is slightly bigger than a 9mm and smaller than the .45 ACP, making it a great choice for a concealed weapon. A larger caliber of bullet would be fired out of a gun that would be too large to be concealed comfortably.

This is the reason why most of the law enforcement companies use this type of bullet. In some ways, it is a compromise. While this bullet is not as powerful as a .357 Magnum, somewhat decreasing the power of your shot, its small size will allow you to carry significantly more rounds in a smaller gun. However, it does have a high stopping power.

The Best Gun for Beginners the 9mm

However, if you are a new to concealed weapons, the 9mm is probably a better choice. It is the most commonly used round and is easy to find. Also, if youre unfamiliar with guns, the 9mm has less recoil action then larger rounds. While this is not the largest bullet, it is significant enough to have reasonable stopping power while also still small enough to be carried in a concealed weapon.

Also, the 9mm rounds are inexpensive. If you are taking the training classes that teach you how to protect yourself with a concealed weapon, you will need to purchase hundreds of rounds during the course. Using the 9mm will allow you to save some money and also get some great experience and training in concealed weapons.

The Best Concealed Weapon Can Be Worn Everyday

Now that you know a good bullet choice for both beginners and experienced gun users, let’s move into a discussion about concealed weapons. Remember that you need to choose a gun that you will wear every day. You have no idea when or where you may face a threat, and hopefully it will never happen.

However, since you can’t know the when and where, you still need to carry your concealed weapon whenever and wherever it is legally possible. Remember that if it’s not comfortable, chances are, you’ll tend to leave it at home

As a general rule of thumb, the width of the gun determines how easy it is to carry every day. Once again, choosing a gun is a tradeoff between effectiveness and comfort. For anyone who won’t be bothered by a gun slightly on the larger side, the Glock 19 is considered the best choice for a concealed weapon.

This carries up to 15 bullets in the magazine as well as one in the guns chamber. Its very effective, although it’s not a very thin gun. This requires some dedication to wear daily and if you’re not interested in dealing with the discomfort, choose a different gun. However, the Glock 19 is rated extremely highly for a concealed weapon and is probably the best choice out there.

Smaller Guns Equals More Comfort but Less Power

A thinner choice is the M&P Shield. This holds 9mm bullets and is much smaller than the Glock 19, making it a better choice for individuals who prefer comfort. This gun only carries up to 8 bullets in the magazine, which may not be enough to make some gun owners feel safe. However, the deciding point is whether or not you will actually carry the gun.

Decide on how important comfort is to you every day and make your choice based on that. Although the Glock 19 may be more effective, the gun that will keep you safe is the one that you have on your person at all times. Choose the thinner gun if there is a greater likelihood of you is wearing it.

What about Revolvers?

As a sidebar, many people want to know more about carrying revolvers as a concealed weapon. Revolvers tend to be novelty weapons, almost designed more for show than effectiveness. They are thicker than a semi-automatic pistol and also generally carry fewer bullets. Most revolvers carry only up to 5 bullets and its much harder to reload them, putting you at greater risk.

Although tradeoffs between comfort and effectiveness exist in the concealed weapons arena, the revolver is both a thicker gun and also less effective. There really isn’t an advantage to having a revolver for a concealed weapon, so this type of gun is not recommended. Chances are, it won’t keep you safe when you really need it and it’s also a pain to wear.

Carrying a concealed weapon is an important safety measure. When choosing bullets and a gun to carry, consider your own level of expertise and your level of comfort. The Glock 19 or the M&P Shield are both excellent choices, although the Glock remains the recommended model by gun experts today.

Remember that you are the person responsible for your safety before anyone else, and carrying an effective concealed weapon can help to prevent disasters from happening to yourself and the people around you.


This post is written by Douglas Brooks. He is the founder of . He was enthusiastic about hunting from the first shot. He is also Rifle optic guru.


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